Traditional art gallery, museum, culture, and heritage site in Kumbo, Cameroon

Wiy kijung – Welcome – Bienvenue – Benvenido – Karibu – Benvenuti – Welkom – Willkommen – Bem-vindo – 受欢迎 – 歓迎 – مرحب به – ようこそいらっしゃいました。 – 歡迎光臨 the Musa Heritage Gallery, Kumbo, Cameroon


The Musa Heritage Gallery, shortly Mus’Art Gallery, was established in December 1996 dedicated in memory of Cameroonian woodcarver Daniel Kanjo Musa (1930–1995) and his eldest son John Yuniwo Musa (1956–1996). It houses a collection of over 400 art objects that were mainly created between 1970 and 2000 and range from bamboo work to wood carvings, from basketry to pottery.

From the Director:

Peter MusaWe are concerned with the preservation, education and promotion of the rich artistic and cultural heritage of the Grass-fields of Cameroon at the verge of disappearance. We are convinced the arts can enable a lot of people particularly youths earn a livelihood engaging in the arts. This should help to create income for themselves and their families; fight poverty and unemployment; and contribute to the creative sector. –Peter Musa

Our museum is a place for exchanges and education, a place where arts open paths for better understanding of history and traditions from the Grass-fields region of Cameroon.

Mus’Art Gallery’s role:

First art object by D.K Musa.

  • collect, preserve, exhibit, interpret and promote the artistic heritage of the Grass-fields region.
  • propagate Nso’ cultural heritage; especially its traditional art and craft;
  • preserve in response to the loss of the precious art objects so the art of the past is not lost to the region;
  • introduce Cameroonians to their artistic heritage; satisfy the growing interest in Cameroonian art for a broad national and international audience;
  • support the arts and crafts of the Western Grass-fields of Cameroon;
  • highlight the excellence and diversity of regional artists, past and present, so these may become known nationally and internationally;
  • make the arts and crafts of this region of Cameroon known publicly in Cameroon and internationally.

What to Expect

Expect to feel inspired to be part of the Grass-fields art movement. A visitor will leave the gallery with a better knowledge of Cameroon’s art history and also become familiarized with the current art culture within Cameroon.

We look forward to welcoming you at Mus'Art Gallery!